How To Invent Something

So I take it you are wanting to know how to invent something. So let’s cut to the chase.

how to invent something

In this article I’m going to give you some techniques that you can apply almost immediately in order to invent something new, original and potentially brilliant.

Follow the process below.

How To Invent Something Right Now


You are more likely to invent something in an area or topic that interests you than some random field or topic you haven’t given much thought to.

You are also more likely to be innovative around an expertise you already have, because you (often unknowingly) have in-depth knowledge that others don’t necessarily have.

So to start I want you to start off by getting an old-fashioned notepad and pen.

Step 1: What Inventive Areas Interest You

thinking-creativelyGot it (seriously you need to get it and do this right now). This is your canvas. Now write down 5 fields or areas that interest you. You can be quite general for the moment. Golf, football, cooking, anything that comes to mind.

Don’t whine that you have no interests; everyone has interests.

Write down the first 5 that pop into your mind.

Step 2: Choose The Best One

choiceI want you to look over that list, and seize upon one of the keywords that gives you the most excitement. You should actually feel this excitement as you look at it.

If you don’t get an immediate rush, then rush over to the next keyword.

Choose one right now.

Step 3: Get More Specific


You are wanting to know how to invent something specific right? So you need to get more specific. You need to drill-down. Go to the next page on your notepad, and write down sub-topics that fall under the main topic you chose. So for example, say you chose ‘Golf’. Sub-topics might include ‘golf putters’, ‘golf balls’, ‘golf shirts’ and the like.

Write down as many as come to mind, there’s no limit, but try get down at least 10 sub-areas here.

Step 4: Choose The Best One (again)


Similar to Step 2, you should now choose one of the topics you wrote down that generates the most excitement.

You’ll be amazed at how some sub-areas of something you think you love are completely boring to you, and others generate interest and excitement.

So choose one that does for you.

Step 5: Draw On The Visuals


Ok now you’ve chosen the niche area, and I’m going to show you how to invent something in your chosen niche. It all starts by thinking visually. Your subconscious brain, the place where ideas and inventions flow from, is an incredibly visual system (think of your dreams).

So I want you to go back to your notepad, and start drawing. Drawing you say, aghast? Yes drawing (or sketching or doodling). There’s no one watching you, and no-one cares if you’re not Rembrandt.

Sketch out several pictures of your chosen topic. So if you’re chosen ‘potato peeling’, then sketch out what comes to mind for a potato peelers. If you’ve chosen ‘dog snacks’ then sketch out some of those.

Already you might start getting some invention ideas coming to mind. But don’t worry if you don’t, they should come soon enough.¬†

Got those sketches handy?

Step 6: Improve Upon It

improveThis is really the crux of the entire how to invent something process. How can you improve upon what you have just sketched?

Ask yourself the following questions (and try and answer them). Do this slowly and carefully. This is the part where you are most likely to learn how invent something from your chosen niche.

  1. What little thing can I tweak?
  2. What is superflous to the design?
  3. What can I add to this that will make it more efficient?
  4. What are the problems with this ‘thing’? What slows it down, what hinders the process, what is essential to it?
  5. What part of this can become a spin-off to another product?
  6. What other, completely new uses can I make for this product? What is the craziest (and funniest) way to use this product?
  7. If I was teaching someone else how to invent something new relating to this, what would it be?

If you go through these thoroughly, ask yourself these questions and ponder them deeply, something inventive should come of the process.


I hope you have learnt how to invent something new from the process above. Repeat it as often and as much as you like. You’re likely to get better and more creative each time.